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Google Picasa and other killer apps

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Google Picasa is really a great photo manager. I just finished sorting thru all of my pictures from my recent trip to Europe and everyone is always amazed by my pics but, even more amazed at the photo viewing software. If you are willing to devote a night or two to getting the folders in order on your PC then reviewing all of your past photos becomes quite a joy.

I also need to check out google earth and google video but, google seems to be on the right track with thier applications.

So Far So Good

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So far things are going well, I am working on importing all of my Live-Journal entries over to word-press and also signing up for flivr.com to put some pictures and what not on my site. So far I am loving the look, feel, and layout of the software.

Lets try this again

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After much research I have come to the conclusion that this is the best free blog software and would also be the best place to start blogging. I wanted to have a regular blog as well as a travel blog but, I think this will suffice. Hopefully this goes better then my on-line journal as well as my blog over at blogger.com.

I am not sure about alot of things but, I am sure that those things will become clearer overtime and will figure themselves out. Some of my issues with blogging are 1. I am quite a private person and sharing things has always been an issue for me. 2. I have always tried to keep my online and offline lives separate and different and this does makes that quite difficult to do.

I am sure though that these things will sort themselves out overtime and the key to this whole thing is just getting started. As far as the picture, it is not how I feel right now but, hopefully I can get to the point where I can actually say that’s how I feel.

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